Goldreserve [XGR] is the next step cryptocurrency! I created this coin, because there are not one altcoin existing which gives people the feeling that it will give a steady growth and if things goes sideways, and coins can be easily liquidated at any time without a huge loss. GoldReserve gives you all of that! The Stabilizer Fund - collected during the POW phase - will be converted into GOLD! (Yes, the precious metal!) This will serve as the backup of the coin. With this Fund I will be able to buy back DIRECTLY each and every existing GoldReserve coins!


Milestone I

Reached! Every week part of the premine will be sold and with the cash I will buy more and more Gold! Gold Account revealed and it is tranparent! In the meantime, Proof Of Developer system arised because of the million scams around. Check my score under!

GOLD Daily Audit
Proof Of Developer Score
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Milestone II

After POW phase over, price will fluctuate then settle at a certain level. Hopefully, the community will donate a few percentage of their gain on GoldReserve, making it possible to buy more and more Gold with that Fund. Minimum price will grow, which stimulate the price to go higher and higher.

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Milestone III

To became a worldwide known cryptocurrency, GoldReserve should have an Exchange where XGR can trade against the 3 largest FIAT, USD, EUR, CNY (Chinese Yuan).

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  • Algo: X11
  • Max Coins: 40,000,000
  • Block Time: 110 Seconds
  • Coin Maturity: 30 Blocks
  • Difficulty Retarget: After 10 Blocks
  • Min Coin Age: 24 Hours
  • Coin Age Maturity: 10 Days

Download the Wallet in Windows, Mac or Linux version.

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